Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Worth the hype: Lip plumper?

Like the greats of Joan Rivers and Angelina Jolie everybody wants a sexy, full pout. And while mot of us arent willing to spend the money and the pain that is involved in lip collogen, we are given a simpler and temporary substitution: lip plumper.

Now before I share my opinion on this product, why don't we look strictly at the facts.

The good facts
For starters this product really does work, theres no question that when you put cinnamon and mint oils on your lips to give you that bee-stung look its going to work. The controversy in this product is not about how well it truly works because believe me, you will know when its working. Long-lastingg effects is also a component that you can rely on after all, you cant expect a bee sting to deflate right away now can you? Another good thing is that the ingredients that are used for the effect are usually natural, but then again hallucinogenic berries are also natural and I wouldnt put them anywhere near my lips,

The bad facts

For starters did I mention that it hurts?! Yeah I know the saying "beauty is painful", but i also know the makeup artist saying that "your clients should never feel pain", and well which one are you going to go with?! A red flag for this product would be if the description states that it "may cause pain or tingling sensation", and well unless you like that sort of thing that doesnt seem too appealing. Another turn-off is the actual ingredients in it.  Sure chili powder is natural, but do you truly want that on your lips?

My experience

I must start off by saying that I'm half russian, so thanks to my genes I've always had a lot of luck in the pouty lips department. However I wish my full lips had made me find this godawful trend uneccessary at the time, but being the beauty enthusiast i am you know I had to see what all the buzz is about. I've tried my fair share of brands, and I must say this stuff is PAINFUL. I've gotten fat lips before and I have to say I think I prefer those because you have an actual excuse for it, unless it was a bar fight in that case I say stick to a lie, hunny. I'm not sure if you've ever ate extremely hot food and then put an ice cube to your lips, but if you have that would be the feeling. I have to say I dont see what is so alluring about having pained lips? Guess its just another trend I won't get.

I hereby declare this product Maiden banned.