Saturday, 5 April 2014

Spring Trends- Dewy Glow

I have to admit when I was first introduced to this trend I was a bit skeptical. I thought that the end result of a dewy face would end up looking  sweaty or as if you were prancing in the not sexy! However this trend has really grown on me, and im proud to say that i will be using this trend a lot in the upcoming spring months

In case you dont know, dewy skin look is the style of a fresh, bright, and non-matte face. Notice how I didn't use the word shiny to describe this look. Thats because the biggest struggle of pulling off this look is making sure that the final product is glowy and fresh, but not shiny and greasy-looking. The key to having the right balance of the glow and where you should feature it. Places such as all along your cheeks and nose are good, but put it on you forehead and you'll look like you sweat your brains out at a Blue Jays game. I've put together two ways on how to get about doing this, the highlight method, and the freshfaced method.

Highlight Method

The most important thing about doing a dewy look with highligting is that you need to know your limitations. A bit more shimmer and gleam than your usual routine can make you look fabulous, that is if you don't douse your entire face in half a bottle of high beam. A good tip for this would be to start out slow. Do a traditional highlighting, and then spread it over your cheeks more than usual and apply more if wanted. There are also plenty of highlighting and illuminating products in the market nowadays. To achieve this look i would recommend a liquid illuminator such as high beam or a concealer with illuminating elements such as loreal's lumi touch. That way it gives your skin the appearance of a fresh dew on a lovely spring morning.

Fresh-Faced Method

Of course, another method would be to use a product all over the face to give a unified, dewy appearance. This is good if you aren't looking to add more complicated steps to your routine and will also help if you are worried of overdoing it with the first technique. This look   can be achieved with a foundation with illuminating elements such as loreals lumi touch foundation, or a setting spray such as dew me or fix plus. A simple spray of  fix+ or the like will give your skin that fresh, lovely feel. Another good thing about this is that you can apply it throughout the day, so if you're having a rough day at the office and your looks are proving it, a simple splash of this baby will make you look like a born anew goddess.

I'll be testing out and sharing looks of me doing this techinques, so stay posted!

Shine on you crazy glossy girls,