Saturday, 12 April 2014

All-Nighter Spray Review

All Nighter Spray

I always say that 'fad' makeup products are rarely actually worth it, and in the spirit of my maiden-isms, this gem is a rare pokemon. The Urban Decay All Nighter Spray is an interesting product that sets makeup and keeps it in place, allowing you to party all night without having to worry about looking like a Panda. Here's what the site says:

"Is makeup meltdown ruining your midnight mojo? Mist on this weightless spray to give your makeup serious staying power. All Nighter keeps your makeup looking gorgeously just-applied for up to 16 hours – without melting, cracking, fading or settling into fine lines."

My thoughts

I have to say, I absolutely adore this product! I got the 1.0 fluid ounce smaller size for $14 which miraculously lasted me an entire year until I ran out of it recently. I'm lucky to have normal skin (thanks mom and dad!) and I only really use this when I know my face will need the extra boost. I mostly use this in the warmer seasons, when I'm going to be outside a lot, or when I'm at a concert or a club. Now you can either use this with a setting powder or just use it as a lone setting product, however I usually pair it with powder to get a flawless matte finish. When I go to concerts I use Bare Minerals legendary Mineral veil with spray on top which always seems to keep my makeup perfectly in tact. After moshing and sweating hard for hours at a time and having your makeup stay perfectly in tact afterwards is sort of a miracle to me.

The good:

I really admire how effective this product is. It really does everything it says and them some! There aren't very likeminded products on the market, and I have to admit I was skeptical at the beginning but it sure did prove me wrong. I also love how fresh this makes you feel when you apply it! Also not only does it keep your makeup on, but it keeps it staying there for a long period of time. The reliance this product has is amazing. As a Theatrical MUA I'm always putting this on the actors, and to be able to rely on a product to withstand sweating, bright lights, and lots of movement is amazing. I also like how these sprays come in two other different types: 'Chill' and 'De-slick'. Unfortunately, I've only tried the original so I cant speak for the others, but I'd love to try them!

The bad: 

I honestly and surprisingly don't really have much of anything to put here! One thing I dislike about this product though is that it has the potential to leak. Although I'm lucky to not have that problem my best friend actually had hers leak and lost the majority of the product--eek! I do have to say, this product could be a bit confusing or hard to use. The first I used it, I sprayed it way to close to my face and my makeup ran and it made me cry!


To minimize the crying, make sure to hold the bottle farther away from your face. Hold it as  you would an airbrush compressor, around 3-6 inches away from your face. To make sure that it covers your entire face, do 4 seperate squirts while moving in 4 different directions. The instructions (and I) suggest that you do one spray horizontally, one vertically, and two diagonally.

Overall, I absolutely love this product! I'd recommend this to anyone really, but would be most beneficial to anybody who has oily skin or has trouble keeping their makeup intact. Its also good for anybody who is outside in the heat a lot. This is one fad product that is worth it and Maiden-Approved

Product: 10/10
Price value: 10/10(sample size) 8/10 (normal size)
Application: 9/10
Lasting: 10/10
Packaging: 8/10
Uniqueness: 9/10

Overall Grade: A

What are your experiences with this product? Comment below!