Friday, 28 March 2014

Pin Up Girl Look

Hey everyone! So i did a pin up look a few days ago, I absolutely love that style! And I just had to show it to you! So here it is.  Hope you're having a great friday everyone!


Thursday, 27 March 2014

OCC Primary Lip Tar Pack Launch

Hey gurlies! Today I have great news for all you occ junkies out there... a new mini pack! Thanks to the success of the mini-packs around the holidays, occ has excited us with a new primary pack bound to hit stores for summer 2014. The pack includes the shades below, which are advised to be mixed together to create your own original colors. The pack also comes with color suggestions and ideas to get you started with creating your colors.

Nsfw- a true red
Traffic- a bright yellow
Rx- a sea blue
Tarred- pitch blck
Feathered- purest white
#10: precision lip brush

I have to say I've been excited to get new occ collections before, but this is by far the most I've been excited! As an art student, I've grown accustom to mixing colors so this pack is definetly straight up my alley.

 Occ has always encouraged their followers to mix the colors, and i feel like this pack will bring on some eager and amazing colors!

Question of the day: have you ever mixed any lip tars? If so post a picture I would love to see it!

5 Celebrities Who Would Make Great Mac Collections

 Mac collections are a wonderful thing! As a makeup enthusiasts, I have a child-like sense of enthusiasm awaiting a new collection, especially if the theme, which sparks my interest. And this, my friends, is why the mac collaborations with celebrities are a tremendous hit. Not only are us beauty fanatics sure to pick up one, two, or all that the collection has to offer, but it encourages die-hard fans of the celebrity over to the “mac side”  of life. In fear of talking like a business teacher, here are the top 5 celebrities that would make fabulous mac collaborations

5. Madonna

Simply because what collection would be anymore classic than a material girls one? I can see a Madonna collection being a bit like the Heatherettes and Marilyn Monroe collection put together but with her surprise factor and deep “vogue like” colours. I was a bit taken aback that it has yet to be done, I mean she is the "Orginal Queen" in the blending of pop culture and music.

4. Ke$ha

One can only imagine the amount of glitter that would be put into this collection. I think her wacky undid and grungy style is pretty great. Although, I'm not sure if there would be a wide amount of people who would dig her style enough to purchase it; it would still be a great collection that will be remembered forever.

3. Betsey Johnson

Oh, and I know I'm not alone when I say I'd love to have her free spirit in the form of makeup. I think this would make the perfect summer collection, with its bright, useable colors. Her free spirit is just so intoxicating, and I would love to see a collection for that. 

2. Marina and the Diamonds

Can you just imagine a pastel pink lipstick by the name of “Bubblegum Bitch?”  She's edgy yet classy, punk yet feminine, and fabulously sexy all together; exactly what Mac is all about! The attitude and atmosphere is perfect, and there definitely would be enough products to do. There could be a Champaign nude lips, or “How to be a Heartbreaker” pallet, couldn’t this intrigue just about anybody. However, the dilemma is if she would be recognizable enough, but this didn’t stop them from the failed Beth Ditto collection and I still have no clue who she is!

1. Kiss

It’s safe to say that kiss is a universal symbol of rock, but they are also a universal symbol of stage makeup. I'll be honest, I’m more than a tad shocked that this hasn’t happened before; I think this would make a perfect Halloween collection. I mean hell-o turn yourself into Gene Simmons;  who wouldn’t want that!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

MAC by request collection 2014- and the winner is...

The latest mac collection has all of us in for a new treat. Instead of throwing a bunch of new collections down our throats, they let us decide on what we want back. With a choice of 6 discontinued lipsticks and 6 discontinued eyeshadows all from the 90s, the polls were open and it was up to use to decide what we wanted back. The polls are in and the winners are 3 lipsticks and 3 eyeshadows. The lipsticks will be available online April 1st while the eyeshadows will be available also online on April 3rd. These colors are all released for a limited time, so get them while you can. Without further to do here are the winning shades!


Pink Poodle- A bright fuschia glaze from Valentine's collection 2000

Glam- A bold pink-red matte from viva glam 1992

Hoop- A tea rose pink matte from groove collection 1991


Butterscotch- A warm caramel-beige matte from Pre-1990

Diesel-  A cool dark grey frost from Freedom Color Additions 1994

Fiction- A very mute grey-green frost from Color Abstractions 1997

Now your question of the day is which is your favorite?