Wednesday, 9 April 2014

My No-Nail Rant

When i think of an everyday beauty mogul i think of the total package: lustrous hair, perfect skin, fabulous makeup, and...flawless nails?! Ive always had a dilemma when it comes to nails. Not only do I rarely have time and patience to put nail polish on day in and day out, but long nails have never been a practicality in my life. And by that I mean anything longer than stubs has never really worked for me. See I'm a guitarist, so anything longer can really mess up my solo game. I've always wanted and dreamt of gorgeous, long nails but they just dont fit my style. I try to put some polish on whenever i have the time, and i do have to say it looks adorable when you rip an amazing slayer solo while wearing hot pink polish.

So my question of the day for you is: Has there ever been a beauty ritual that has never been practical in your life. Comment down below!