Saturday, 12 April 2014

E.L.F Cream HD Blushes Quick Review

Hey guys, today i have a first impression for the E.L.F Cream HD blushes. I've been sick lately, so I have a lot of stuff that I've gotten that I need to catch up on. That being said, This isn't a full review but I will have one up ASAP. I picked up three of the E.L.F Studio HD Cream Blushes about a month ago during the 50% off best sellers and new items sale. The blushes were part of the "best sellers" section as they have been around for a while and have quite a buzz around them. These babies were designed to be a drugstore version of the Makeup Forever HD Cream Blushes which are now discontinued and reformulated. while I've never had any of the MUFE ones while they were around, I can say that by seeing pictures and doing swatches they are a very similar concept. These blushes come in a small, transparent tube with a black lid and pump and come in 5 colors.

Headliner: The lightest of all shades, a clean, fresh pink with a hint of coral and shimmer

Superstar: A midtone rosy coral with subtle shimmer

Diva: A bold fuchsia with subtle shimmer

Encore: A darker, muted tearose fuchsia

Showstopper: The darkest shade, a dark berry-wine

I like how the products were very directed towards professionals and those who take makeup seriously, the fact that elf is looking out for us diehard junkies and pro's says a lot! I also really like how comparable they are to the Makeup Forever ones. Not only is there a fallback to the MUFE kind now that they are discontinued, but the price difference between the two are literally unbelievable. These are $3 for 0.34 fl ounces (10mL), while the MUFE ones were $25 for 0.33 fl ounces (9.7mL). Its kind of unbelievable how you gain 0.01 of an ounce by  getting the Elf kind, and keep $22 in your pocket; even more if one of their fantastic sales are on. I also really admire how blend-able and versatile it is. It looks intimidating at first, but  with a good brush you can get it blending so nicely into your skin. Also, since its a cream product you could very much so use it on your lips as well. To make a unified look, why not try applying the same color on lips and cheeks, or for you fair faced maidens like myself why don't you use one as a lip product if you accidentally buy a shade too dark for you (psst- that's what I did with Diva!)

The biggest problem that I had with these is that all the shades had various textures and consistencies. Its weirs, because I've found that this has happened with me with a ton of other Elf products, but never any other brand. I'm not sure if this is due to pigments in each color, how its manufactured, or if its because I order my Elf stuff online, but I dont like it one bit. Its hard and it bugs me when I buy items blindly not knowing what consistency each  color is going to be. For all the three I got, they seemed to be widely different from one another. Headliner was very thick and creamy, Diva was extremely loose and liquid-y, and Superstar was a sort of combination of the two. I'm also very on the fence on whether or not I like the packaging. The transparent body is very helpful in finding exactly what color you want, however the pump is hard to control at times and you often end up getting a lot more product out of the bottle than you expected. You need such little product because of the pigmentation and amazing blending, that you end up wasting a lot of product. I also wish that they would change the name to something like convertible color or lip and cheek cream so that more people would know that you can use this on your lips.

Overall I admire this product, but I am not blown out of the water by it. Stay tuned for indepth reviews and swatches of the 3 colors i bought!!